What can we offer?

Megarus is a recruitment agency, focusing on construction works all over Europe.

    We offer a wide selection of different professionals, each having unique experiences: scaffolders, insulators, fitters and welders. It always depends on what You, our client, need.  All of them are highly qualified as we select them based on their achievements, personality traits and skillset. Contact us — we’re here to help and find the best solution for you and your company.

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  • Welders

    Lay out, fit, and fabricate metal components to assemble structural forms, such as machinery frames, bridge parts, and pressure vessels, using knowledge of welding techniques, metallurgy, and engineering requirements. Includes experimental welders who analyze engineering drawings and specifications to plan welding operations where procedural information is unavailable.

  • Scaffolders

    Being able to put up scaffolds, rigs, guard rails and planks securely is integral in the job of a Scaffolder. This is so, as many work crews, construction workers and engineers will use this to access or lay foundations for buildings, or stages. They can be found on restoration jobs for old buildings, churches, bridges, power stations, or even major events. Scaffolders must be willing to work anywhere, anytime for however long it might take.

  • Insulators

    Insulation workers install various materials around equipment such as pipes and duct work or within ceilings, walls and floors in buildings and/or homes. The insulating materials help to provide a stable temperature environment which prevents the equipment or structure from becoming too cold or hot. For example, adequate insulation can keep pipes from freezing and bursting in the winter. It can also keep equipment protected from abuse.

  • Pipe fitters

    Pipefitters are artisans responsible for the layout, assembly, installation, and maintenance of piping systems. Their job description entails designing and assembling piping structures used in conveying chemicals, steam, and hot liquids at industrial, commercial, and residential properties. In performing their duties, pipefitters use saws, cutting torches, and pipe threaders to cut, thread, and hammer pipes to desired specifications.